Island isolation is a source of endless creativity for spouses Ana and Krsto Matulić from Pašman – OPG Matulić bases the quality of its handmade products on the island’s tradition and locally grown ingredients.

OPG Matulić has been for almost a decade now showing everyone just how to love, feel and live the island, with all the natural treasures it offers. With their products -the fruits of imagination and innovation, they cross borders, not only on the island, but also in Croatia and abroad. Thus, they have won numerous recognitions and awards for cosmetics products and food delicacies.


OPG Matulić business started as a tourism business, Ana’s family owns a restaurant and Krsto’s family has apartments they rent to tourists.


First they wanted to open a travel agency in the area that is now their store. The planned expenses were too high, there were also health problems in the family, so they gave up the idea entirely.


But one Summer, 8 years ago, Ana made soaps as per traditional Pašman recipe with alkali and olive oil in the mold of 25-26 kilos, from which 250 soaps were made, 100 grams each, which we decided to sell to locals and tourists, and so it all started. They still sell the soaps today but they are only one of the many cosmetic and food products they offer.


While Ana’s cosmetics was slowly gaining cult status, especially the Immortelle face cream and Hyaluronic Serum Essentielle, Krsto dedicated himself to food products, also based on the island’s tradition and originality.

Ana, follows the world’s slow cosmétique movement. She makes olive oil soaps, shampoos, face creams at home, by hand, out of 100 percent natural, organic ingredients and in small quantities. For her cosmetic line, Ana has won more than 20 labels for quality and originality.


Today OPG Matulić is one of the most recognised small business producers of food delicacies and organic cosmetics in Croatia.

Their fig and marasca acetos have been awarded nationally and internationally multiple times, most recently Pašman libre fig aceto won 2021 Great Taste Award in United Kingdom.

Learn more about incredible inspiring story of Matulić family and visit their shop: Pašman 2, 23262 Pašman island, Croatia.

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