Family owned restaurant with over 40 years of culinary and hospitality experience.

Lanterna restaurant’s cult status on the island’s culinary map is accomplished by its founders and owners, Danica and Božo Bobić, their devoted family, and today to their daughter Marija, who not only proudly took over the “culinary relay” but raised the bar of quality and service. She infused the millennial spirit of the new generations and turned into an all inclusive tourist business.


Our family owned restaurant Lanterna serves organic food from our garden along with fresh local sea food, inclusive with 8 fully equipped apartments, air-conditioned and with sea views.










When we thing of the memories from the past and reminisce of the vacation moments of pleasure, laughter and pure relaxation, these are always times we spent with family and friends traveling to beautiful places, tasting delicious flavours and sensing aromas that remind us of those travels.

A visit to the Lanterna restaurant on the island of Pašman, in the town of Pašman, is one stop on that journey into the past because there we met dear people who became friends, enjoyed the tastes and scents of pure nature and truly had remarkable vacation. And we want to do it again!

Some guests have been returning to this popular and distinctive restaurant for more than 40 years, they have grown old and matured along with us and also passed on their love for the tastes and smells of the Mediterranean to their family and friends.


Pašman reminded me the quiet holidays I had when I was a child.We had an amazing time staying in your apartment in Lanterna.The apartment has very beautiful view to the beach and the sea. The apartment is by the seaside so it is perfect for families with small kids. The Pašman island is very peaceful with beautiful nature and very clear sea.Maria and her family were very kind persons and it seemed as they were always been friends to us.
Thank you for allowing us to stay at you beautiful place and see you next year.

Adela Smailagic

apartments guest

Ausgezeichnet, alle waren begeistert. Fischplatte, Rindfilet, Beilagen, Tintenfisch - alles erste Klasse, und das bei dem Ausblick. Preis für 4Erw. + 2Kinder Gesamt 500kn - das war es auf jeden Fall wert. Wurden von der Chefin bedient, super Service, authentisch freundlich, nicht aufgesetzt.

Martin Schwaigkofler

restaurant guest